ANN Under 10

ANN Under 10 is an evening of short talks brought to you by the Adult Numeracy Network (ANN), held at the national COABE conference.  The featured speakers below gave a short talk and offered a specific call-to-action to improve mathematics education for adult students. After watching the videos, please join our national community of adult educators in discussion of these calls to action. Every video is followed by open discussion.


More videos coming soon!


I Guess I Don’t Know as Much as I Thought I Did!
Donna Curry

Jeniah photo

Mindful Meditation in Mathematics
Jeniah Jones


ANN Under 10 Introduction
Mark Trushkowsky

Crowdsourcing Curriculum
Eric Appleton

Formative Assessment and What’s Next
Cynthia Bell

Take the Pressure Off to Take the Pressure Off
Lindsey Cermak

What Counts? The Tyranny of HSE Testing
Solange Farina and Charlie Brover