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The Math Practitioner has been the voice of the Adult Numeracy Network since 1994. Three issues of The Math Practitioner are published every year, with each issue full of articles, lessons, rich activities, practical ideas, and stories from adult numeracy classrooms across the US.  

The Spring 2024 issue of the Math Practitioner is out!
Read our featured article, "Highlights from the 2024 ANN Teaching & Learning Institute"

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We encourage submissions of articles, activities, and other items of interest related to math for adult learners. Below are some ideas you might consider when thinking about what to submit, but please don’t feel limited to what follows.

  • Every issue of The Math Practitioner has student handouts for teachers to use in class. If you use one of the activities from any issue, please let us know how it went! We would be honored to share your experience with the problem, along with samples of your student work, in our next issue.
  • What are your students math stories? What is your math story?
  • Share something you have learned, something that surprised you, something you are proud of.
  • Have you participated in any professional development that has impacted your teaching?
  • Is there a resource or instructional routine that works well with your students?

Submissions can be short blurbs, 350-400 words, or longer articles, 500- 700+ words. Pictures or graphics are welcome! 

Please direct all correspondence to: Patricia Helmuth, Editor 

For back issues, visit The Math Practitioner Archives and read previous issues going back to 1995!)  

From the beginning, ANN has focused on conceptual understanding, sense-making, and valuing the informal and alternative ways students solve problems. Reading through back issues, you'll find none of it feels dated. Each issue is full of great problems you can use in your next class certainly, but it is also full of the energy and joy of 25 years of teachers comparing notes with each other, trying to find more universal truths in their instruction. 

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