What is ANN?

The mission of the Adult Numeracy Network:

"We are a community dedicated to quality mathematics instruction at the adult level. We support each other, we encourage collaboration and leadership, and we influence policy and practice in adult math instruction."

Work towards our mission includes:

  • ANN publishes a newsletter, The Math Practitioner, three times a year going back to 1995
  • ANN collects teaching and learning resources on this website.
  • ANN hosts a full-day pre-conference session at the annual national COABE conference. 
  • ANN sponsors the Math & Numeracy Strand at the annual national COABE conference, offering mentorship to new presenters.
  • Since 2017, ANN has organized ANN Under 10 - an evening of calls-to-action from adult basic education teachers.
  • ANN helps members organize reading groups and/or math teachers' circles.
  • ANN maintains a member-discussion listserv group through LINCS, as well as being active in the LINCS Math & Numeracy Community Listserv.
  • To learn more about the history of the Adult Numeracy Network, read ANN at 25.
  • To learn more about the future of the Adult Numeracy Network, read the 2019 ANN Strategic Planning Report
  • To join us in our mission, visit Membership.
  • To make a financial contribution to the Adult Numeracy Network, visit our Donations page. 

The Adult Numeracy Network, formerly the Adult Numeracy Practitioners Network, was formed by adult education practitioners at the first national Conference on Adult Mathematical Literacy held in Arlington, Virginia, in March 1994. They joined researchers, program administrators, government officials and others to discuss the state of adult numeracy education and to imagine a future. The conference was co-sponsored by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM), the National Center on Adult Literacy (NCAL), and the Office of Vocational and Adult Education of the U.S. Department of Education (OVAE, now OCTAE).

Forming the Network was a volunteer commitment by the practitioners to continue the work of the conference at the grassroots level where teachers and students meet. The Network adopted a constitution and by-laws in April 1995, at its first annual meeting in Cambridge, Massachusetts. In July 1997, the ANPN board voted to change the name of the Network to the Adult Numeracy Network. In April 1998, the ANN became an affiliate-at-large of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

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